Conquering the world of indulgence gradually

“Being the world market leader for fruit preparation for the dairy industry we intend to expand further by making our products globally accessible. The enhancement of our Asian footprint is of high importance, as this emerging market offers above average growth rates of dairy consumption. The local representatives, through their long-standing experience with AGRANA Fruit and their knowledge of the local culture and industry insights will help realize synergies and enhance the growth targets of AGRANA Fruit. The goal of AGRANA Fruit is to develop its activities in the region and a continuation of sales increase in future”.  Quote Johannes Kleppers, CEO AGRANA Fruit

AGRANA Fruit is using strategic collaborations with local partners to expand its business in Asia and India.

The new office which opened in July 2016 is part of a strategic collaboration with Jebsen & Jessen (JJ), an exclusive agent who will cover Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. JJ will use its well-established network within the food industry to introduce AGRANA Fruit products to this market. 

Following Thai traditions when starting something new, a religious ceremony with monks and a traditional Chinese lion dance show were part of the official opening in September 2016.  These centuries old traditions are meant to bring good blessings and spill bad spirits away. The office as well as the new product development lab operated by JJ on behalf of AGRANA Fruit, which provides the finest technical expertise as well as product support and innovative solutions, were blessed in the course of the ceremony. Finally lab tours, workshops and product tastings were offered to visiting customers.


Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients is part of the Jebsen & Jessen Group. JJ Ingredients promote and distribute chemical and life science ingredients for multiple industrial and manufacturing applications. 

In Japan, we are happy to announce that Mr.Kiminori Tsujikawa started operating as a local representative, making it possible to service local customer demands. Kiminori Tsujikawa has over 25 years of local experience in the food industry. His experience and knowledge of the local culture and taste helps to bridge the gap between local customer needs and global AGRANA Fruit affiliates.

Through the representation, AGRANA Fruit will deliver frozen as well as processed fruits to the Japanese market and further develop the product portfolio.

In India, AGRANA Fruit has made the first step on September 7th with the incorporation of its legal entity AGRANA Fruit India Pvt. Ltd. This is the beginning of the local footprint and the first evidence of AGRANA Fruit’s dedication towards the Indian market. The future plans will be fully built upon bringing customers and consumers innovative and tailor-made fruit solutions adapted to the India taste profile.