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For the last few years there has been a strong demand for naturally healthy foods.

29% of total new product launches in the food and drink category last year claimed to
be „natural“ - which reflects the fact that natural claims are top of mind when purchasing products
(Source: Mintel).

Consumers are demanding more information about the ingredients of food and beverage
products. Based on that natural and healthy ingredients, like fruits, are likely to gain
even more momentum.

Most consumers have the perception that „fruit“ equals healthy and tend to buy more products
with fruit as part of the ingredient list. 

Also since most consumers believe that it is healthier to get nutrients from fruits than from vitamin supplements, producers should put more emphasis on highlighting the nutrients on packaging and in promotional materials.

If one takes a look at recently launched spoonable and drinkable yoghurts around the world, the claim “no additives/preservatives” is the third most commonly used.

When it comes to natural solutions for spoonable & drinkable yogurt AGRANA Fruit is your go-to resource. We offer customized solutions that include all natural ingredients to high-end options of only fruit and sugar in the fruit preparation.